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young players stepped in when key players got hurt. and my catcher went down. we had a lot of young catchers come up and everybody really produced. it was just a remarkable year. >> always keeping things in perspective. as manager bowl melvin won the al manager of the year narrowly beating out the orioles skipper. to basketball. the wizards on the road in charlotte still hooking for their first win of the season. d.c. got off to a good start take a four-point lead. the bob cats, the lowly bob cats, roared back. sessions hay game high 21 points and guess what? that says it all right there.
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the wizards lose. they are still winless through six games this season. >> the bob cats, the worst team in the league? >> they were. >> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. good morning to you. live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome. no rain in the skies but plenty of cold air as we get this wednesday started. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time now to talk about our weather and again, we bring in tucker barnes. good morning, tucker. >> good morning. i can't believe 16 points to the bob cats. >> why do you want to talk about that? >> just look at it they have time for a second half surge. >> next year, they could be
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wonderful. >> sarah, you have not lived in this area. >> positive. >> you have nowhere to go but up. >> there you go. just like our temperatures. we are going to see temperatures bottoming out here near freezing for much of the area and then by later this afternoon, lots of sunshine and cool. definitely jacket weather all day today as our highs will be in the upper 40s to about 50. right now at reagan national, 36 degrees. check out dulles, 32. baltimore, bwi marshall, 30 degrees. much of the area here falling below frozing to start your day and it will be a chilly afternoon. highs only in the upper 40s after a cold start. it should be sunny and bright and look beautiful outside. generally a good news forecast. >> i'll take that even for the temperatures are down where they are. still, it will be nice. >> it's november, after all. >> here is julie. you like that intro? real short and to the point.
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>> i feel like i should go ta- da! here's looking at you, kid. in virginia, if you are travel ago long the beltway, lanes are open between annandale and merrifield. trouble spot will be southbound on the prince william parkway at wellington road. multivehicle accident tying up the southbound lanes. northbound headed in the direction of 66, your lanes are open. if you are traveling on 395, you will find traffic volume moving at speed continuing past duke street in the express lanes and the main line headed up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. no problems to report at this time as you continue over to the southeast-southwest freeway. beltway construction cleared between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. now, southbound along 270, lanes are open, nice easy trip south of 109 continuing out towards clarksburg. a look now at our top stories. former d.c. councilman kwame brown will not be going to jail. brown is back in his d.c. home after serving one day in federal custody. yesterday, a federal judge
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sentenced him to six months of home detention, two years probation and 480 hours of community service. a d.c. superior court suspect papped 30-day jail sentence. brown needed guilty in june for campaign finance violation and to falsifying loan documents for his home and boat. three people are recovering after being shot ensued a convenience store in northeast. this happened last night at benning road and 44th street. the suspect is on the loose. melanie alnwick has the details. >> reporter: good morning. we do have new information coming from d.c. police this morning. they say they do have some leads on this case but the suspect was actually sitting inside his vehicle here at the bp gas station and then you can see the marketplace convenience store. the suspect was caught on video apparently firing those shots, several rounds noshing the marketplace convenience store. firing those shots from his
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vehicle. now, this happened 7:30 on tuesday night. those shots struck two men in the leg and struck a female customer in the land. they are thinking there was some sort of dispute, something about the man thinking he was not being served fast enough. the car was found a few blocks away. it had crashed after colliding with a dodge caravan stopped at the corner. eye witnesses say they saw the suspect run into the alley but police have not been able to locate him yet. >> we believe he wasn't being served fast enough. we don't know. this is something we are investigating. it rose to the level of him ultimately firing several rounds inside the the convenience store there. >> reporter: d.c. police have left the scene here but there is still some yellow tape blocking off the access to the inside of the marketplace
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convenience store. but the gas station itself is open for business this morning. we're told that those victims were transported to the hospital as of last night. they were in serious condition but were all expected to survive their wounds. anybody that has information is being asked to contact either the sixth district police station or d.c. police. and not too far from that scene, police are looking for a group of men who may be connected to a series of robberies and rapes. it started this weekend when two women were grabbed off the street and sexually assaulted near the capital heights metro stop. there have been several other sexual assaults and robberies reported in that same area since then. police have not released a description of a suspect so far. in the scandal surrounding former cia chief david petraeus, president obama is backing the top commander in afghanistan. general john allen is denying he had any kind of sexual relationship with jill kelley.
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she is the tampa socialite who triggered the investigation by reporting threatening edmonton mails from paula broadwell. broadwell appear driver's license was found in rock creek park by a jogger. park police alerted the fbi and will hold it for 90 days unless broadwell claims it. aims it. >> i would say two things. one, it is up to congress to make decisions about who is called to testify but the president is confident that acting director morel is fully formed and capable of representing the cia in a hearing about the incidents in benghazi. >> the senate intelligence commit i don't will hold a closed door hearing today looking into the petraeus scandal and the libya consulate attack. a chaotic scene on a mass transit bus not far from our
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area, coming up next. >> this fight wasn't between two passengers. it was passenger versus bus driver. details of what set this off as we check more headlines. adline
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look at this. this is the baltimore bus driver suspended after getting into a physical fight with a female passenger. the video posted on youtube shows the women hitting and punching one another. mta officials say they are talking to the driver, the girl and the girl's mother. now, the fight reportedly started when the bus driver told the passenger to turn down her music and the passenger got upset and then, of course, the fight ensued. well, the new fiscal year started last month and already the federal government is running a $120 billion deficit. it is application that the u.s. is on a path for the fifth straight deficit over a trailian dollars. the soaring deficit is putting more pressure on congress and the white house to agree on a budget deal in the coming weeks.
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president obama is holding his first news conference since being re-elected. it is set to begin at 1:30 this afternoon in the east room of the white house. the president is expected to address a number of issues that include negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff, the growing david petraeus scandal and the deadly consulate attacks in benghazi, libya. a fox 5 follow-up. a major shake-up at d.c. schools. >> we now know which schools are slated to close. we'll get a full report coming up. first, here is tucker barnes. >> got cold overnight. our temperatures overnight back in the upper 20s and low 30s. you will want a jacket. i'll have all the details on the wednesday weather forecast and julie wright has a look at your traffic coming up in just a couple of minutes. minutes. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news, this is a live look outside right now of reagan national airport. it is wednesday, november 14th, 2012. now, that was a clear picture we just saw a few minutes ago. this is what could be in store for us because, you know, wintertime. we'll have a better idea of how northern virginia will deal with the snow in the coming months. v-do the holds a briefing in fairfax this morning to update elected leaders, county staff and the media on several new tools and equipment that will
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be used this winter. officials will also unveil the regents snow removal plan, supplies and the budget. >> let's hope we don't bust that budget like we did a couple of years ago. >> they'll be ready for it. >> i'm sure they will be. >> a couple of years ago, somebody around here busted the budget and it was like the first month. >> it was easy to do. >> everybody busted it a couple years ago. we had three big snowstorms. >> i wonder what happens to the budget when we don't have a lot of snow like last year? does it roll over? >> let's hope it just rolls over. >> not going to be an issue today although it is cold enough for it. temperatures are falling back near freezing. definitely jacket weather here. kids go to the bus stop. probably going to do the winter coat here pretty soon, don't you think? we're moving on from the fall jackets. there you go, lots of temperatures at or below freezing off to the west and to the north this morning. 30 now in gaithersburg. 30 up in baltimore. check out frederick, 27 degrees. it is really chilly here as you
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get north and west of town. i mean even honestly here in southern maryland, not much warmer. leonardtown is 34 degrees at the moment and 36 in gaithersburg. we'll lose a for you more degrees. we'll get awfully close to freezing even here in washington over the next hour or so before the sun gets up. usually the last hour before sunrise will be the coldest hours of the day. satellite-radar, nice and quiet. very quiet weather pattern setting up here and should be lots of sunshine today. at night, when we get a lot of radiational cooling, we'll have some cool nights. high pressure will keep things nice and dry around here although a little on the cool side later today. that area of high pressure is going to start to slip off for the north and east and we'll stilling on the southern edge of this tomorrow. there will be a few more clouds in the forecast across southern portions of the viewing area but still nice and dry pattern here setting up for the middle andened of the week. i think you are next chance of any showers around here won't arrive until about sunday,
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maybe sunday afternoon, sunday night. 50 today. winds north here at five to 10. sunny skies, cool temperatures for this time of year. our average daytime high should be in the up 50ers and low 60s. 35 tonight, clear skies and cold overnight. another clear night. we'll get those temperatures back in the upper 20s and 30s here in the city. -- our average daytime high should be in the upper 50s and low 60s. our next chance for rain sunday afternoon and monday. let's do some traffic and fiept out what is going on with julie wright who put on the winter coat in early september. >> i didn't know flfs a difference between the fall jacket and winter coat. i thought you went from bikini to parka. -- i didn't know there was a difference. traffic flowing freely as you work your way southbound.
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you are at speed each way over at the wilson bridge. no issues reported off of 66 as you continue eastbound coming in from manassas. we do have the crash southbound prince william parkway at wellington road. this is southbound headed away from 66. southbound lanes are blocked. northbound, everybody is getting by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. d.c. public schools will close 20 schools, most of them at the beginning of the next academic year. >> the reason, the growth in charter school enrollment. john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: cheryl bridge has given up on d.c. public schools. her sixth great daughter went for farabee hope elementary school from head start to fisk grade. now the daughter is in a publicly funded charter school. >> the cool are not up to where they need to be. here, they said my daughter was
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prefishent. charter school, she got bs and cs. that shouldn't have been. >> reporter: it is one of 20 d.c. public school buildings which will be closed and it is largely the growth of the charter schools in d.c. which is pushing chancellor kaya henderson to call for more closures. the school system closed 23 other schools in 2008. >> in some wards, more than half of all public school students are attending charter schools and many of our charter schools have plans to continue to grow by grade level and by adding additional campuses. >> reporter: chancellor henderson argues it costs more money per student to keep underenrolled students open than she is comfortable with. for example, at this school, there are currently only 208 students enrolled. about half the building is empty. henderson says she would rather close this building and invest in better educational programs elsewhere. >> we need better special
5:21 am
education programs and more career and technical education programs and more alternative options for our young people who aren't succeed nation traditional school setting and we need more programs for our advanced learners. >> reporter: only one high school is on the closure list, spingarn high. we should put an asterisk on that because the chancellor wants to reopen spingarn as a career and technical center. the d.c. council will hold a hearing on these proposed school closure on saturday and a series of public meetings begin on november 27th. chancellor henderson says she is open to alternate ideas. but to me, this comprehensive proposal to close 20 schools look like it is on the forecast track. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> thank you. a fox 5 consumer alert coming up for parents. scented maybey products --
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baby product smell great but should you be concerned about them?
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is 5:24 on this wednesday. taking a live look at the beltway right now and we'll check in with julie wright and get the last update on your traffic in a bit. first a consumer alert for all parents out there. could your baby lotion be doing
5:25 am
more harm than good. >> studies are raising concerns about products used to scent the products. laura evans reports. >> reporter: the fresh clean smell of a baby. what is fresh and clean to you? is it calming lavendar, vanilla oatmeal? walk down the baby care island you will find dozens of product to make your baby smell sweet. jennifer abrill says certain comelz give us pleasure and when you consider that fragrance is a $30 billion a year industry, it is hard to argue consumers lover perfume. >> we actually have an adage in our industry. price performance and perfume is what drives consumer habits for repurchasing. by and large, it is the perfume that keeps the customer coming
5:26 am
back. >> reporter: david andrews, a senior scientist with the consumer watchdog organization, the environmental working group says the problem is when it comes to those scents, you have no idea what you are putting on the baby. read the baby and the only term you will find is fragrance. >> fragrance is a catch-all term and this information is being withheld from consumers. >> reporter: the mick tour is made from a possible palate of -- the mixture is made from a possible palate of choices. a number of ingredients have raised concerns in animal studies. >> from interacting with our hormone system to allergic reactions to skin sensitization, potential car sip generals in some of these products. >> reporter: it is that
5:27 am
uncertainty that keeps jennifer from buying fragrance products for her two boys i don't i figure i would rather be safe and just mick something i knew had less chemicals and less greents in it. >> reporter: melissa gives her son evan a bath every day. -- less ingredients in it. >> she is particular about the lotions and soaps she uses. >> the doctor said to use aquafor or cetaphil and not anything scented. >> companies don't have to notify fda what chemicals are necessarily used in the fraggance. >> reporter: jennifer says the reason the ingredients that make up the fragrance aren't spelled out is because publicizing that information would reveal the secret recipe. >> when you potentially reveal this recipe for anyone to copy,
5:28 am
you could start introducing potential health concerns unscrupulous companies that may not be committed to the same safety standards that our members are. >> reporter: she says an indiana research institute evaluates each ingredient for safety and efficacy. >> i'm a mom too and i have interest in knowing what is in my ingredients. that is why we actually went forward as an industry sharing everything that we've used. >> reporter: the list is published on the web site but the environmental working group says that is not much help to the consumer who still doesn't know exact hi what they're -- exactly what they're buying and putting on their baby's skin. some dangerous ingredients include parabens and formaldehyde. >> as for adults wearing scented products, the environmental working group says the child's skip is thinner and more sensitive to
5:29 am
the product so adults don't have to worry about this kind of thing. caught on camera, a car flying out of control. ahead in about 14 minutes, we'll show what you happened at this intersection and the person behind the wheel might surprise you. we'll explain. coming up income, we're checking all your top stories plus weather and traffic. stay with us. [ harry umlaut ] i speak european you know. [ sally umlaut ] uh-huh.
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take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." creamy yogurt down below. delectable, layer of fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
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welcome back. live look right now at reagan national airport. temperature are pretty cold out there. hearing some people who have pulled out the big puffy winter coat for today. so depending on how you like your temperatures, you may want to do that too. >> temperatures are back near freezing for most of the area. it will be a chilly afternoon, even with sunshine, only about 50 later today. honestly, upper 40s for many of us to about 50. temperatures remain on the cool side. we are trending towards a cooler month than average, something we haven't done in about two years. >> oh, great. let's see what happens next month. >> so excited. >> you look excited, wisdom. let's get to the maps. here we go. reason why we're cold, high pressure being compliments. canada and our winds are out of the north and northwest. keeping things on the quiet side around here. it will be nice and bright and sunny today once that sunshine gets up. should be a beautiful sunrise. i don't think we'll see more
5:33 am
than a passing cloud or two during your day. here are your regional temperatures. right now at reagan national, it is 36 degrees. as you mentioned, much of the area at or below freezing. that is really the warm spot. 20s out to the west out in ohio. 22 in columbus this morning. 29 in chicago. 24 in beckly, west virginia. you get the idea here. a nice chunk of very cold air underneath that area of high pressure. and our streak here, our trend will be to keep things dry but cool for the next several days. 49 to 50 your afternoon high. you can see most of the area here in the mid- to upper 40s. this would be more typical of a day in january than the middle of november believe it or not temperature-wise. >> thank you. time now to say hello again to julie wright. >> you want me to follow that? >> yeah, julie. >> i'm taking off the month of january. just putting in the notice now. the whole four weeks. >> wow! >> sarah like who is her agent and who is filling in for you?
5:34 am
>> doesn't matter f you want me to do it, i'll be doing it live from miami. that is all you need to know. southbound prince william parkway south of 66 at wellington road. southbound lanes remain closed. still waiting for a tow truck to arrive at the scene. 66 traffic still behaving nicely. we to have problems to report outbound on route 5 where they are checking for the car fire near woodyard road. out on the roads, your lanes are open southbound along 270 coming in out of hyattstown. traffic flowing freely here on 395 and duke street headed negotiate up to the 14th street bridge and still construction in place southbound kenilworth avenue here at eastern. you can see in the distance, we do have the cones still up. only one lane gets by headed out to the d.c. line. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic.
5:35 am
our top story, d.c. police are looking for the man who opened fire at a convenience store last night. three people were shot including an employee but all are expected to be okay. the shooting happened on benning road at 44th street northeast. police say the suspects fled on foot after crashing his car into three parked cars near the store. >> stopped briefly right here and just kept on going while the mercedes benefits came right here, hit the pontiac right here, just swerved right to the pontiac here and swerved and just turned. i was trying to see if the driver -- i had my dog with me so i had to calm my dog down but i couldn't see the driver come down. my aunt said she saw somebody run down the alley. >> police say the suspect fired the shots into the store from the car and believe the shooting happened as a result of aputt between the suspect
5:36 am
and the store clerk. theresa bass and her husband were shot last month in waldorf. he is now recovering from his injuries. joshua mebane is already in jail for a separate crime accused of shooting a d.c. cab driver to death in northeast last week. former d.c. councilman kwame brown learned his fate from two judges. he will not be going to jail. he is back at his d.c. home after serving one day in federal custody. yesterday, a federal judge sentenced him to six months of home detention, two years probation and 480 hours of community service. brown needed guilty in june to campaign finance violations and to falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat. mark plotkin says some feel brown got off easy. >> there seems to be a feeling that he did get a pass, that he was treated differently and that people are really kind of stunned that what the u.s. attorney warranted to do at first was even a minimum of six
5:37 am
days and he got even less. he paid no fine. the local d.c. superior court judge sentenced him to 30 days but that sentence was suspended. >> the federal judge in the case noted that brown did not use his elected office to make personal gains or defraud people he represented. in the resignation of the cia director, be for found more classified documents at the home of paula broadwell in north carolina yesterday but agentss do not think she got them from david petraeus. fox 5 dam razz found broadwell outside her brother's home in northwest d.c. yesterday. she is staying there temporarily. the other woman involved who allegedly exchanged inappropriate e-mails with general john allen is claiming she has diplomatic immunity. jill kelley called tampa police to report a man on her property and saying she is a, quote, honorary consul general and needs official protection. south korea did give her that symbolic title but it has no
5:38 am
official responsibility. nsibil george allen's career in politics appears to be over. the former virginia governor and senator says he will not run for elected office again. allen lost to democrat tim kaine last week in the race it succeed retiring senator jim webb. some changes are coming to maryland live casino following last week's vote to extend panned gambling during the election. casino officials will outline plans on how the layout will be changed to make room for open table games such as black jack. more than 125 tables could be added. smokers in maryland could be looking at another price like. maryland health care for all coalition is expected to call for a $1 increase in the tobacco tax during a news
5:39 am
conference with montgomery county executive ike leggett today. a top roman catholic bishop says the church will never completely -- comply with the white house mandate to offer birth control coverage in health insurance. cardinal timothy dolan reaffirmed the church's stance. they will continue challenging the requirement. she was caught driving on the sidewalk. so one judge handed down a humiliating punishment. we'll have that story next. caught on camera, a car flying out of control crashing into an intersection and the person behind the wheel might surprise you. we'll explain coming up next. n
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a scary car crash caught on surveillance video showing the car soaring and landing at a busy intersection. police say the woman who was driving went through a supermarket parking lot, over a sidewalk and into traffic. she is reportedly an emergency room doctor. one person had to be taken to the hospital. the woman is accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol among other charges. an ohio woman caught on camera driving on i asidewalk to avoid stopping behind at school bus learned her fate. she was caught driving on the
5:43 am
sidewalk in a cleveland neighborhood in september. she pleaded no contest to the charges. a judge ordered her to stand outside for an hour holding a sign that says, quote, only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. she also has to pay a $250 fine andhood her license suspended for 0 days. a new world record at a swedish auction. the famed arch duke joseph diamond sold for more than $30 million. the diamond has perfect color and clarity. it is name after the great grandson of a french king. it should be per fact and -- perfect and clear for that much money. >> up next the newly named car of the year.
5:44 am
we'll tell what -- tell you what makes this selection different from past years. we are checking weather and traffic. stay with us. stay with us. 
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5:46 am
the mayor of ocean city
5:47 am
says and historic fishing pier destroyed by hurricane sandy will soon be rebuilt. the piling that were left standing have since been removed. current franchise holder of the pier has commit to the rebuilding t the mayor says he expects it to be rebuilt in time for the summer season. so some good news there. >> yeah, people enjoy that pier. >> it is cold. i probably don't need to tell you that. it is very chilly here. temperatures falling back into the low 30s, even some 20s across most of the area here and the cool weather here is your big headline here to stay. scene of the accident several days, temperatures going to trend a little below where they would typically be for the middle of november. still a nice dry weather pat were but we'll be on the chilly side for the next several days. -- still a nice dry weather pattern but we'll be on the chilly side not next several days. 36 now in washington.
5:48 am
falling back bow low the freezing mark for much of the area. 30 in gaithersburg this morning. 30 in manassas. how about dulles, 32 degrees. frederick, 27 degrees. 32 in winchester. 30 in culpeper. 41 in annapolis. a little warmer closer to the bay as the temperatures in annapolis close to the freezing mark. should be a nice sunrise in about 45 minutes or so and next couple of days featuring a quiet weather pattern as high pressure builds through the area. nice, sunny days. cold nights, cool afternoons for the remainder of the week and then it looks like our next chance for rain will get in here the end of the weekend. 50 today. winds here out of the north at five to 10. clear skies, we'll get downright cold overnight. 35 in the city with upper 20s and low 30s expected for much
5:49 am
of the area. clear skies, cold overnight. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. we do warm it up a little bit by friday and saturday with highs in the mid-50s. i mentioned our next chance for showers. i think the second half of sunday into monday. then we have a redskin game sunday afternoon, d.c. united. hopefully, that will hold the rain off. let's do some traffic and find out if things are calmer than yesterday. >> so far, so good. we got to keep an eye on that wet weather because next week, a lot of folk traveling out to grandma's house. they don't want to be traveling in the rain. your big headache is here along kenilworth avenue where they still have the roadwork in place at eastern. single file for the left coming out past the d.c. line. not quite sure how much longer they will be in play but this is causing a serious backup leaving the bw parkway coming in out of cheverly from 202 headed out to the scene.
5:50 am
southbound 270, heavy on the top stretch approaching and passing 80. we have delays from 109 out to the scales. 395 picking i'm few extra customers headed north of landmark. -- 395 picking up a few extra customers head north of landmark. traveling on 66, no issues reported coming in from manassas. southbound prince william parkway south of 66 at wellington road, accident activity blocks the southbound lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. motor trend has named its car of the year. the tesla model s is the first all electric vehicle to win the top honor. we have found tucker barnes'
5:51 am
new car. he is shopping for one. the electric car industry is expected to get a boost because of the award. it starts at $57,000. >> we have to start over. that's too expensive. >> i think we may have found it, tucker. another rough one for the wizards. this time, slammed by the bob cats. sports coming up next. g up nex
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
davey johnson was named manager of the year. johnson becomes just the fifth manager to win the ward in both leagues. he also won it with the orioles back in 1997. and as manager bob melvin won the al manager of the year award narrowly beating out the orioles skipper buck showalter. >> not on a happy note to the hard wood now, the wizards are on the road in charlotte still looking for their first win of
5:55 am
the season. d.c. got off to a good start. the bob cats roared back. the wizards lose 92-76. a new adaptation of the classic novel anna karenina. it is already generating oscar buzz for its two stars. >> kevin mccarthy talked to keira knighty. >> if this forey were to take place today with today's technology, how differently would it go down. >> i think she would be caught quicker. there would be a picture of her snogging someone that she
5:56 am
shouldn't be. >> joe make everything look cooler. if you could have him direct an aspect. your life, what would it be? >> i really do want like doing the dishes and my dishwasher which i recently got fixed, its abroken again. >> what? >> i have to get a new dishwasher which i haven't got yet. i think i would get him to making to the dishes look like a beautifullent resting thing utah whole idea of the fact, you know, the moral decision to be with aaron john sop's character and the fact that you are already married but you find your true love. when are morals allowed to be thrown out the window in certain swayings? what do you do? >> i think that it is a question of emotion more than it is morality. i think we all like to think that we'd stick to our morals, that we would never break them. human and dos break their own morals all the time. i think it is because we are emotional beings. we are not always rational. if she was completely rational all the time, i don't think this relationship would have
5:57 am
happened. but i think actually at the point that it is about to happen, she doesn't have a choice. that needs that completely taken her over. >> there is this line that jude law says that by indiscretion, you may originally let the world talk about you. as an actress, being in the spotlight, how cautious are you about doing certain things so you don't like have the world talk about you in a private life setting? >> i think you always try to creep your private life private. i think that that goes for everybody in every walk of life. i think everybody in every walk of life tries to make sure the bad bits don't get out in public. i don't think that really changes whether you are famous or not famous. >> the movie opens this friday. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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